Hue To Bach Ma National Park

Duration: 12 hours | Departures as requested (recommended departure around 7.30)

Our drivers pick you up at Hue Hotel to visit Bach Ma National Park. On the way to Bach Ma National Park we will stop for sightseeing:

Hai Vong Dai (top of the Bach Ma Mountain)

Hai Vong Dai (Sea Observation Post) is the highest point in Bach Ma with 1,450m high, where people can have a panoramic view of the immense sea and surrounding scenery. From here, one can see Lang Co Bay, Truoi Lake, Lagoons, ports…

Five Lake of the Bach Ma National Park

Located about 5 km from Hai Vong Dai, Five Lakes (Ngu Ho) is a set of five lakes in 5 different high points. Five Lakes is a system of large lakes – has clean and cool water, created by the block of black granite stretching along Kim Qui Spring. This is a good place for camping, bathing, and outdoor activities.. Lake no.3 in the Five Lakes is said to be the most beautiful by cool and claity water.

Do Quyen Waterfalls

Do Quyen waterfall is a famous and attractive fall located in Bach ma national park in Hue. With the height of 300m, Do Quyen waterfall is worth being one of the most impressive falls in Hue. Do Quyen is named after a kind of flower called Do Quyen ( azalea flower). If coming to Bach Ma park in March, tourists will have the opportunity to see azalea flowers blooming and dying the two sides of the stream down the waterfall in light red. To conquer the fall, you have to step down the path of 689 steps which are wet and full of moss. Conquering the fall is really interesting, but It’s a challenge for those who don’t have a strong health. Reaching to the foot of the fall, a wonderful scene will appear in front of your eyes. Water rushes violently as high as 300m down the steep cliffs. In the process of moving, sometimes having the protruding ledge, water line blew create small crystals such as flower light falling into line, then turned out to meet the other ledge. Don’t forget to list Do Quyen waterfall in Bach ma national park on your trip when you visit Hue city.


Sedan (1-4 persons)


SUV/MPV (1-7 persons)


VAN (1-16 persons)